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Oh God, Why The Canon?
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Mocking/sporking bad fanfiction.
OGWTC(?!) is a fanfic sporking community, created by _sockmonk_ and winterlarks on March 7th, 2008. The purpose is to add funny commentary to bad fanfiction, and is always open to new members willing to make fun of or otherwise mock bad fanfiction, or to simply read. If you find our efforts amusing or would like to join in, feel free to click that little button up there. We're a fairly friendly, small community, and don't bite.

~If the selection you're using in your sporking is possibly offensive or inappropriate, put a "NSFW" warning in the cut.
~Always, always, always use cuts for sporkings! No exceptions.
~Always italicize the selection and use a unique color for your personal comments
~Anyone using potentially offensive language will be warned twice and only twice
~Do not bash your fellow members or their sporkings.
~Be respectful. Know when to say "when". Wishing death upon the author, physical harm or otherwise bashing them as a person is frowned upon. Making fun of something from their profile is fine, or making fun of their writings, but know when it's too much.
~Please only post things regarding OGWTC itself or sporkings. Any questions/discussions related to fanfic, fandom, fanon or other such things are not allowed.
~Do not bash other people's fandoms. Any fandom fanfic is allowed here at OGWTC, and we're fairly loose about it.
~No OTP wars or any other kind of wars. Lightly poking fun at another user or pairing is fine, but don't be childish about it.
~Refrain from using offensive language or insulting a group of people. If it is obviously joking, it's fine, but again: know when to say when.
~Above all, enjoy yourself. This community was meant for fun.

Sporking Guide
Title: (Insert title of fic here and hyperlink to the story)
Author: (Insert author's penname/username here and hyperlink to their info page)
Content Rating: (Insert a rating of the sporking, not the fic, here. E.G. T-teen, G-general, R-restricted)
Characters Raped: (Insert the characters that were OOC and horribly messed up here)
Rating: (Ratings explained below)
Notes: (Any extra commentary you'd like to add. If you don't have anything extra to add, you can cut this bit out)


XXX- Deadly (If the fic is just utterly disturbing)
D- Dreadful (If the fic is painful to read)
S- Scary (If the fic isn't painful to read but certainly scares you)
P- Poor (If the fic isn't too bad but the characters are very OOC)

T- Troll (If the fic is obviously a troll or a Sue-spoof)
- Pedoriffic (If it's one of those fics that puts together horribly old people and teens/children and just creeps you the hell out) (LINK FOR THE SMILEY: http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c67/GoddessOfTheHorse/pedoriffic.png )


If you have any questions, email or IM Sock or Nere. Information for this is on their individual pages.