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Title: I'm With You
Author: broadwaylover07 (What's the 07 for?)
Fandom: RENT
Content Rating: T
Characters Raped: Joanne, Maureen who makes an appearance for five minutes, and Mark later
Rating: P (Poor)
Notes: The writing isn't so bad, but some of the situations and the wording makes me cringe inside at times. Not the worst I've seen, though.

Why is it that young, hormonal girls are attracted to (fairly creepy) old men? I mean, Hannibal is cool and all but... still.

Title: A New Beginning
Author: theshepardslamb
Fandom: Hannibal
Content Rating: T (Personally... R. This is just creepy.)
Characters Raped: A Mary-Sue OC named Gabrielle Hellfire (OH SO WITTY)/ Hannibal Lecter *whimpers*
Rating: I'm making a new rating... XXX (Deadly)
Notes: This is just creepy. Hannibal doesn't have a lolita fetish. Why do people think that? And there is so much pepperjack cheese in here that I want to gag. Also, the description of the story worries me:

Ten years after Hannibal Dr. Lector decides to visit France and ends up meeting an interesting teenager who is on her Junior class trip. Will she become his dinner? Or will she become a companion? (Companion makes me think of Doctor Who and I shudder to think what the poor Doctor would think of this...)

Come onnn! We need new posts, people! :D
Title: 6 plus 2 equals a good story! (Obviously DELUSIONAL.)
Author: SilentSource
Fandom: Maximum Ride
Content Rating: PG
Characters Raped: Max/The Flock (AND, as a bonus, two Sue OCs! Oh joy!)
Rating: D (Dreadful)
Notes: Ugh... I hate Suethors. And this one seems intent on stuffing every power imaginable into her two OCs. Also, the Suethor has written a Hannah Montana/Max Ride story... URGH.

Mar. 8th, 2008

 Title: Can I Borrow Your Umbrella?
Author: AutumnRhythm
Fandom: Twilight
Content Rating: T
Characters Raped: Edward/Bella (I'm crying tears of PURE SORROW)
Rating: D (Dreadful)
Notes: My poor, poor fandom. ;-; I'm one of the few who knew these books BEFORE they got big and watching these teenyboppers hone in on Stephanie's precious characters... It tears me up inside. *sniffle*

Mar. 7th, 2008

Title: Red
Fandom: Harry Potter
Content Rating: PG
Characters Raped: Narcissa/Molly
Rating: D (Dreadful)
Notes: This... scares me a bit. The thought that Molly and Narcissa would EVER have a romantic relationship...

Title: Hormonal Imbalance
Author: Duochan-the-mpregfan (Foreboding!)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Content Rating: PG

Characters Raped: Harry/Snape
Rating: D (Dreadful)
Notes: This is hilarious, I highly recomend reading the entire thing.

First canon rape mockery! Woooo!

Title: Muggles Call It Fate
Author: Serpentius
Fandom: Harry Potter
Fic Rating: PG
Characters Raped: Fleur/Hermione
Rating: P (Poor)

Notes: Umm... Wow. Yeah. This isn't too badly written but it's defintely OOC.