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Jul. 18th, 2008

Title: Lien Kitsune
Author: Silver Kitsune No Tenchi *gags at the sheer weeaboo-ness*
Fandom: Monsters Inc. *shudders*
Content Rating: PG
Characters Raped: Mike, Sulley, Randall, and a Mary-Sue
Rating: XXX- Deadly (Seriously. It's MONSTERS INC. And the Suethor points out at one part that it was originally NC-17 :x)
Notes: Chapter three of this fic is completely the author ranting about how she's allowed to use token Japanese phrases and crap because she's part Japanese. I THINK NOT. Ugh...

Chapter One: Lien

Disclaimer: I don’t own Monster’s Inc. Pixar does. And I doubt they want you using their characters for this rape.

The sun rose in the sky high above Monstropolis telling the bed ridden monsters to get a move on. Sun: GET YOUR LAZY ASSES OUTTA BED D< But in one particular house, the sun never got the chance to shine itself on the weary sleeper. Black paint covered the windows with the shutters shut tightly against the luminous orb in rebellion. VAMPIIIIIIRE!11!!!1

A female monster sat grimacing in the darkness of her room. Her golden eyes glowing faintly as her electronic alarm clock read 5:54 A.M. in the morning in red letters. She remained motionless on her black sheeted bed in her lightless room, with her knees drawn up to her medium sized chest. BLACK! BLACK BLACK BLACK! She's emoooo.

Sighing in defeat, she finally moved when the numbers changed to 5:55 A.M.. Slowly she uncurled herself and placed her long shapely legs ...Her legs have a nice rack and ass? at the side of her bed and began to stretch slowly, popping her vertebrae and accidentally breaking her neck. YAY! as she rose. Reluctantly, she shuffled her way towards her closet and picked out her outfit for the day.

Once she was satisfied with her pick of baggy blue jeans and a two times her size purple shirt, Why do we need to know what she's wearing? she went to the bathroom to shower, brush her fangs, and to change.

She came out looking more awake but still grimacing as she made her way towards her dark wood vanity mirror. She noticed how the jeans hid her shapely legs with only her coffee cream tail ...*pours her tail into her coffee* Mmm... Coffee cream tail. sticking out lightly swishing from side to side; how the shirt was so big she was practically swimming in it to hide her chest and slim waist, AH MUST HIDE MAH BEA-U-TAAAAY! D: *angst* her long black hair framing her oval shaped face and almond shaped eyes Wtf? SHE IS A MONSTER. NOT A HUMAN.. And on top of her head, her coffee brown fox ears She's made of caffeine! leaning against her head in irritation. Ears: God damn it! Why are we always stuck on the weeaboo Mary-Sues!? All in all, she was satisfied with herself If she's trying to hide her body, she's obviously not satisfied with herself. and allowed herself to go to the kitchen where she made her lunch and ate a small breakfast.

After she was done eating, she grabbed her lunch, her Monsters Inc. ID card, and went to the door to put on her Chinese black slippers BUT I THOUGHT SHE WAS JAPANESE. DD: and then left the house to walk to work.

Walking to work was never ever fun because she had to walk with her eyes closed at first because of the sun. ...Is she a bat? Because foxes aren't nocturnal... Then after a long while she could open them to look to where she was going.

She walked straight with her right hand clutching a pale silver lunch box and her long black hair floating regally behind her. ...I won't even comment on this, aside from saying I won't comment. (Think Sesshomaru from InuYasha…man I love that hair) *gags* UGH! This is obviously a case of Teeny-Bopper!Weeaboo. Inuyasha. *shudder*. Her coffee cream skin Good Goddess, girl. I want an orange juice coloured person. glowed faintly as the sun shone bright over it. All in all she looked like she came from a fairy tale and all the monsters looked at her in awe. Umm... From what I've seen, it's the uglier the better. A monster that looked that human would be shunned. She ignored them all Biiiiitch. and proceeded to a crosswalk where a ‘No Stalk’ sign glowed not to far away.

Everything was peace -


She sighed. Well there goes peace and quiet. She looked behind her to see a small green monster with a huge blue eye and small mouth running towards her energetically, behind him a large furry blue monster with purple polka dots continued walking while rolling his eyes, smiling at the green monster and then towards the female monster.

The little green monster stopped in front of her and smiled widely. “Are you walking to work tooCOMMA Lien?” he asked.

Lien smiled softly, despite her instincts telling her to ignore him. ...Huh? Why would your instincts tell you to ignore him? He's not stalkerish creepy... There was just something about him smiling at her that made her want to smile back.

“Yes, Mr. Wazowski,” she replied calmly, her voice soft and silky. Ugh. The sheer Sparkly-Poo of this Sue is making me gag.

“How many times do I have to tell you, call me Mike,” scolded Mike as he playfully rolled his eye while pretending to be aggravated, “women.” Mike the Misogynist! Coming soon to a theatre near you!

Lien ears twitched slightly as she tried to fight a laugh. Her attention then went to the blue monster.

“Good Morning Mr. Sullivan,” she greeted with a soft smile.

“Sulley,” corrected Mike just before Sulley could say anything to Lien. “Honestly, I think you call us our last names just to irritate me Lien.”

“It’s called ’Manners’ Mr. Wazowski,” Nooo. It's called a superiority complex. teased Lien. Mike glared at her playfully and then smiled while shaking his head.

Sulley looked at Lien while smiling and asked, “So Lien, got any plans for tonight?” "Well, Mr. Sullivan. I was thinking of spending the night hating all of monster-kind and angsting about how I'm so beautiful that I must hide it! WOE IS MEEEE! D:"

Lien didn’t get a chance to reply because the ‘Don’t Stalk’ turned into a ‘Stalk’. Quickly she motioned for the other two to follow her across towards their work. When they reached the front door, she turned to Sulley and smiled.

“I don’t really have any plans Sulley,” she replied while Mike gave her a shocked look and stood outside. She tilted her head to the side before she opened the door to look at Mike. “What?”

“You…you just called Sulley, Sulley,” Mike answered in shock. ZOMG DDD: SHE BROKE A RULE!

“Well that IS his NAME Wazowski,” answered Lien with a smirk. Why hello there, hypocrite! 8D

Mike’s shock turned into a glare, “So why don’t you call me Mike? That’s my name.”

Lien grinned deviously and went through the doors of Monster’s Inc. quickly to avoid answering.

“HEY! GET BACK HERECOMMA KITSUNE!! Lamest last name ever. Mike's last name isn't "Cyclopes"...” shouted Mike as he ran after her in the large lobby. Sulley just sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

Lien ran all the way to Celia Mae, the monster receptionist of Monster’s Inc. and Mike’s girlfriend or Schmootsie-Poo. Celia’s back was turned when Lien rushed over to her with a yelling Mike after her.

“Good MorningCOMMA D< Celia!” Lien greeted hastily before grabbing her paperwork from the desk and then running down a hallway. “ByeCOOOOOOMMMMAAAAA Celia!”

“Good…bye,” mumbled a dazed Celia as she turned around after putting Mr. Slime on hold. Her expression changed when her Googly Bear came up to the desk huffing and puffing. The snakes in her hair squeaked happily. That would give her a hell of a headache. Also, as I was saying earlier, Celia's last name isn't "Medusa"!

“Good MorningThe commas have sent me a letter telling me they refuse to be in this atrocity. Googly Bear,” greeted Celia with a smile. “are you having a rough morning?”

“Good morning Schmootsie-Poo,” brightened Mike instantly and then darken a little. "Oh darn. That stupid lightbulb has been flashing on and off all day!" “and yes. That darn Lien Kitsune is giving me a rough morning.”

“Oh that’s too bad,” sympathized Celia as she hid a smile. It was a routine that the two usually had before coming to work, so it wasn’t really too bad. But somehow she didn’t think that Mike saw it as that, he was a little dense but that’s what made him her Googly Bear. I never got the impression Mike was dense. Maybe not a genius but not an idiot.

“Well, I hope that you have a great day then,” offered Celia with a bigger smile.

Mike smiled, “Thanks Schmootsie-Poo!”

“Your welcome Googly Bear,” and with that the two monsters went to work when Sulley appeared.

... meanwhile ... LAZY ASS AUTHOR!

Lien Kitsune smiled in satisfaction when she made sure Mike wasn’t following. Laughing softly to herself she walked calmly towards Mr. Waternoose’s office with her files in hand.

Calming herself down, she lifted her hand to knock when a purple scaly monster, with eight legs, green eyes, and three fronds on his head, LOL! He had fern leaves on his head!? XD slithered into her causing her to loose her balance and made her papers scatter everywhere in the air. Meanwhile he had changed color from a rich purple to a half purple and blue monster. Randall! Get away from the Sue! She's affecting your colouration!

“HEY, WATCH IT!” yelled the monster as he stood up on four legs in front of her and quickly shuddered changing back into his original color.

“YOU WATCH IT BOGGS!” Lien yelled back as she stood up to give him a death glare.

Randall Boggs, second top scarer at Monster’s Inc. with Sulley being number one with Mike, Useless but specific details, ftl. returned Lien’s glare before Mr. Waternoose came out.

“What’s going on here?” demanded Mr. Waternoose as Randall pointed at Lien accusingly.

“She ran into me!” Randall accused. Redundancy is redundant.


“Ms. Kitsune,” warned Mr. Waternoose before she could finish her rant. Lien huffed indignantly and folded her arms over her chest. Meanwhile Randall was looking smug.

Sighing, Mr. Waternoose looked at Randall and said, “we will continue our conversation some other time Mr. Boggs. In the meantime please go to the Scare floor and go to work.” Way to treat him like a naughty little kid! 8D

Randall nodded his head to Mr. Waternoose and walked past Lien, but not before flicking the tip of his tail on her shoulder. What the heck? ABUUUUSE! ABUUUSE! DO YOU SEE HIM REPRESSING ME!? *shot*

“See ya around Kitsune,” smiled Randall sinisterly as he stalked off. DUN DUN DUUUUUN

Lien merely growled in frustration and bent down to gather her papers. Mr. Waternoose regarded her with a fatherly stare before bending down to help her. If her father is anything like Rachel's- *shot* (Inside joke but I couldn't resist)

“It was not professional of you to go off like that Ms. Kitsune,” scolded Mr. Waternoose.

“I’m sorry Mr. Waternoose sir. It’s just that he just makes me so mad I can’t think straight. SO I CHOOSE TO THINK GAY INSTEAD! Accusing me of running into him when HE ran into ME, I'm fairly sure it takes two to tango.” growled Lien when all the papers where picked up and set neatly in order in her arms.

“Yes well, please make sure to try and control your tongue,” added Mr. Waternoose sternly. Tongue: NO WAY, MOFO! WE WON'T BE CONTROLLED! NUH UH! NO WAY! IT'S MY LIFE! I'LL DO WHAT I WANT!

“Yes sir,” Lien whispered as she stood up and walked into his office.

“Good. Now let’s start on a letter to the CDA shall we?” Mr. Waternoose as Lien sighed. Another day at Monster’s Inc. began

Me: well I hope you like this chapter. I didn't. 8D It’s only the beginning and I know it sucks It does! but reviews would be appreciated on what I could do to improve. Also please don’t mind that Scully Scully? When did this turn into an X-files fic? And does that make Mike Mulder? *shudders* THANKS FOR THE CREEPY IMPLICATIONS. doesn’t hardly say anything Hyuck hyuck.. I just thought I would make it a little more believable if Mike was a chatterbox.

Don’t worry. Sulley will get to talk in the next one. And more Randall coming up soon.

Remember Read and Review!! I REFUSE D<


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Jul. 19th, 2008 04:32 am (UTC)
Am I the only one terrified by the thought of a monster who looks like a human? XD I mean. They're MONSTERS.
Sep. 9th, 2008 06:24 pm (UTC)
No, no. I'm scared too. I can't imagine monsters would think a monster who looked human would be PRETTY, either.
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