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May. 31st, 2008

Title: Changes In The Wind
Author: Alexaviera.J.Raven
Fandom: Harry Potter
Content Rating: NC-17 (For teh nookie)
Characters Raped: Hermione, Draco
Rating: XXX- Deadly
Notes: This woman has TWO CHILDREN. One of which she uses as inspiration for a fic where Hermione is  a "were-maid" and goes skinny dipping for Draco... Well, I'm scared. Oh, and Hermione is semi-friends with Paris Hilton in this fic. Wtf?

Disclaimer: Harry potter and character from the Harry Potter Book series are owned by J.K. Rowling. I do not own these characters only however the situations I am putting them into. Duh...

I am writing this story for fun and entertainment for other fans. I am not making any money from this I am just a fan of the series.

Please Read and Review!! Thank you.

Changes In The Wind

Chapter Two: A Secret Unravels


Granger Manor

May 3rd,1999 Hey! She got the date right!

The drive to the Mansion was one that Draco would never forget. He was impressed on how she drove her automobile. He watched her as the sunlight fell on her face, the way the seatbelt was strapped between breasts he was aching to touch and kiss, He then felt her hand snake up his thigh as she pulled off the road and onto a private drive, It was flanked on all sides by large trees and he noticed that it was paved not at all a dirt road. *dies* His thigh was surrounded by trees and unpaved? Also, she should probably have both hands on the WHEEL. She stopped the car at a clearing in the woods and she turned to look at him. She then smiled as a gate opened. He hadn't noticed it being there before and he gave her a raised eyebrow. How do you not notice a HUGE, HONKING GATE!?

“Home Sweet Home” She replied as she then pulled the car to a rather large mansion, it was as large and maybe even larger than his own Manor. He smiled as she then just giggled. “ You have a lovely home.” He told her. She nodded. “Remind me to make you a map so you don't get lost, Nothing but the best for someone of my breeding and stature, Though growing up here it was interesting, I have yet to bring anyone home till now.” Wow. Hermione's a cocky bitch now. He then realized what that meant and he replied. “ I'm honored.” She replied. “You should be not even Harry or Ron have ever been here, You see I like my privacy and they have a way of arriving unannounced to places, No manners” She's such a lovely girl. Not. She told him.

She parked the car and a man walked out to open her door then Draco's and she smiled as she nodded to Draco. He followed her as she then told the man. “Williams I would like the staff assembled I have an announcement to make a decree if you will, Please have them come to the study.” She told him as he bowed. “ Yes Misstress” Why, hello, random S! How are you? Hermione then took Draco's hand in hers as they walked into the study and she bid him to sit, As he did she leaned in and sat on his lap. She was kissing him when the staff entered the room and she broke off the kiss. ...I, for one, would be embarassed if my staff walked in on my making out while in a guys lap. Not that I have staff...

“This is Lord Draco Malfoy, Err... Lord? He is a guest and I would appreciate it if all of you would pay him the same courteousness ...Courtesy, maybe? and respect that you pay me. Why they respect her at all... Please provide Master Draco with anything he requires. “ She told them as she then smiled. Each one stepped forward and introduced themselves to Draco. “Lisette,Charles, Abner,Francois,Henri, and you have met Williams and Murphy he was at the gate” She told him as she then smiled. Draco nodded politely to the maids and butlers and she then replied. “Allow me to give you the tour of my home” She then smiled as she told the staff. “ I would not like to be disturbed for any reason for the rest of the evening. because I'm off to do a bit of whoring.” She then took Draco's hand and walked with him up the stairs.

She showed him around the second floor as she did she smiled. They reached a wing of the house that looked like it was newly renovated and she smiled. “ Come Love” She opened the double doors and she smiled as she looked at the huge bedroom. It was colored in Green and silver and she saw the look on his face. “You like?” She asked as she then giggled. Draco looked around the room and for a moment he stared then he replied. “How did you do this?” She just smiled. “ I'm a witch it was an easy enough charm.Is it to your liking?” She asked him. He nodded. “ You are very accurate it's scary. So this room changes to the fancy of the occupant?” He asked her. She then nodded again. “Yes my love this is a lot like your Bedchamber at home is it not?” ...Draco IS NOT Salazar Slytherin. He is not exclusively green and silver. Also, when I read this, I imagine lime green... Ew.  She said as she pulled back the hanging draperies over the bed and sat down on it. She then removed her shoes, For a moment he just took in the sight of her sitting on his bed, It was as if she was in his home in his bed and it turned him on a great deal.

If I wake up and this is another dream I am going to kill myself. WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Merlin she wants me too I wonder how long how long have we denied this to each other?

Hermione gave him a sultry look that said what she was thinking. He nodded as she then licked her lips and tried to be flirty. "Hermione": *slobbers on herself* HEY, BEBE ;D

I want you Draco, Only you it's only been you who I wanted. I want to be with you even if you hate me tomorrow I need you tonight. ...EWWW D:

“Come to bed darling?” She asked him . He smirked as he crawled up the end of the bed and she sat at the head of it. He leaned in and kissed her as she placed her hands on his shoulders and she then ran a hand over his chest and pulled his shirt up from his trousers and began unbuttoning it from the bottom working her way to the top. Holy run-on sentence, Batman! He ran his hands over her hips and thighs as she then leaned in and kissed over his neck.

“Draco ” She whimpered as she then pushed the shirt off of his shoulders and he knelt on the bed lifting his undershirt off and over his head. She took that opportunity to kiss over his chest .He moaned as he then leaned down to kiss her, caressing her face within his his two hands. But I thought she was kissing his chest... That has to be awkward. They fell back to the bed and she moved pressing him back to the sheets and sitting up straddling his waist. She looked down at him. I feel dirty. *cowers*

She then began to kiss over his chest as she did he caressed her hair and neck with his hands, He watched her and reveled in the feel of her lips on his heated flesh.”That feels so good” He told her as she then sucked on his nipples and he panted and threw his head back. *snicker* Boys don't exactly have big nipples to suck. Unless he has moobs. She smiled as she kissed up now along his neck exposed to her and to his ear. EARS ARE NOT THAT SEXY... She then went back to kissing his chest and over his abs slowly tracing them with her tongue and lips .She kissed to his navel and for a moment ran her tongue over the happy trail of fine light blonde hair ...He has happy pubes? Draco's Pubes: TRA-LA-LA-LA-LA! that drew down from under his navel and to disappear in his trousers. She stopped at the top of his trousers and looked at him. He caressed her hair and she gently lay her head a moment on his stomach.

He just for the moment caressed her hair and then he asked. “ You ok you sure you want me, That your ready for this?” He knew the moment the question spilled from his lips like his sperm soon would spill into her awaiting orfices *shot* he regretted it, But he wouldn't push her.It meant too much to him to have her regret it later. “Because I can wait Hermione, It doesn't have to be tonight we can wait” *dies of laughter* SUUUURE, DRACO. RIIIGHT! ;D She looked at him .She just was surprised by his words. The Draco Malfoy she knew would have just taken control and got what he desired, That actually made her very randy Austin Powers? ARE YOU WRITING THIS FIC? Oh you naughty boy. :3 the way he took charge and went after what he wanted, The drive he had to get what he wanted and to pursue things till they were what he needed. She knew that as long as she had known him that he always got what he wanted.

Why in the hell did I just say that? I mean here she is all hot and wanting me and I just gave her an out??

Why do I care so much already.

Why aren't I pressing her down right now and taking her as I have other women? You rapist, you.

Because I Love her and I want this to be more than just one time, I want a lifetime with her. No. No you do not.

Hermione watched him a moment before she whispered. “Because you love me and because I love you, We've been fighting this for a very long time, Are you reading his mind, Hermione? because that's creepy. To come together this way, Draco I do want you, I do and I'm ready for a commitment if you want one a real commitment” She looked at him. He was shocked a moment it was as if she read his thoughts, He looked at her and nodded. She then smiled. She then went back to kissing his abs. “ But I want you to beg for it lover” Hermione, the dominatrix. He chuckled at that as he then looked at her and saw her smirk and he knew that this was a hell of a surprise to him. “Malfoy's don't beg for anything” She used her teeth to unzip his trousers and then unsnapped his trousers. Er... Unzipping his pants while they're still done up would be UBER hard. “You will by the end of the night I promise you” She said with confidence.

That was fucking hot as hell. Merlin I just might if she keeps teasing me like this..

Breathe you can't faint Draco just because she's .. Ohhhh wow . Obviously Hermione has a fainting fetish. Possibly a necro.

“Ohhhh”He moaned as she then just smiled.“Strip take off all of your clothes slowly I like to watchI LIKE TO WATCH YOU GET NAKED. HUUUR. 83 She told him as he then smirked as she rolled off of him and sat up on the bed on her knees. He stood and for a moment he then looked her over as she then smirked and he then smirked back. He slowly let his trousers pool at his ankles as he did he was standing there in black silk boxers and he toed off his shoes. “Leave on your socks for now” Wtfh? YOUR SOCKS ARE SO SEXY, DRACO! LEAVE THEM ON! ;D She told him as she looked him over. “Do you like what you see?” He asked her as she ran a hand down his chest and she then nodded. “Yes your very pleasing to my eyes.” Such awkward wording this is. She then stood a moment and kissed him then ran a hand over her top slowly looking at him. “Do you like to watch?” What guy doesn't? She saw his eyes light up.

She smiled as she then replied. “ Leave those on for now and lay on the bed “ Leave what on? asdfghjkl;' She told him. She then ran a hand down her flat stomach as she did he followed her hand and she flicked the button open You cannot "flick" the buttons on jeans open. and he smiled as she then moved her hips a moment and slowly removed her jeans, she bent over slightly as she let them fall down her legs. He watched her slightly bent over the bed and he felt his mouth go dry. Like he had to puke? She smiled as she then ran a hand up her flat stomach and over her tank top slowly then she lifted it slowly to reveal pert breasts. His eyes grew as she then for a moment tweaked one nipple between her fingers OW! *cringe* and then slid her other hand down to her knickers. He watched her for a moment then smile as she unclipped her hair and it fell down over her shoulders and back and she crawled up on the bed. She straddled his hips as she leaned down to kiss him.She ran a hand between their bodies and she stroked his turgid cock Turgid makes me think smelly and rotten. It's such an ugly sounding word. in her palm. His hands went to her hips as he then ran his fingertips over her knickers and he groaned.

He then rolled her beneath him and he kissed her passionately, He nipped her throat with his teeth and then he devoured her breasts NOM NOM NOM NOM! BOOBIES! taking each in his mouth and he used his tongue to roll them. She must have fucking SMALL BOOBS. She cried out as she ran her fingers through his hair and she whimpered. He raised his head to look at her, “ Don't stop””Breathe” She whispered as she looked downward at him. “Draco” She whispered his name so he would look up at her. She nodded as she then pulled him up to kiss her. “ I'm ready” She told him simply. He nodded as he then slid her knickers off her slowly and he felt her more than ready for him, She moaned as he touched her. She then pushed down his boxers with her hands and caressed his buttocks as he groaned and she smacked it lightly. That is the least kinky imagery I've ever heard. He looked at her desire burning in his eyes as he kissed her hard-on. He positioned himself and was gentle as he possessed her the first time. As he "possessed" her? *dies* DRACO IS HAVING GHOST SEX! She told him Wtf? There was no dialogue... as he then smiled and kissed down her flat stomach. Then he stopped at her navel. THIS WOULD BE VERY DIFFICULT WHEN YOU'RE HAVING SEX! You'd be bent in half! He closed his eyes a moment as she then just caressed his hair slowly. He was breathing hard now.

He stilled as she had to accommodate his girth Draco, you have to stop putting your potbelly into womens' vaginas. and she for a moment was just panting and she just held him to her, her legs wrapped up over his hips her feet on his calves and he moved slowly inside her. “You alright darling?” He asked her as she then nodded and he kissed her. He then was slow until she began to buck her hips and writhe under him. He took that as a sign to move in her with more speed. She bit his neck and urged him harder and faster with her hips and he hands pressing him tighter to him.

Hermione lay in his arms in the afterglow. Draco just relaxed and allowed her to cuddle with him. He smiled as she kissed along his neck and he just inhaled the scent of her hair. “That was amazing “ He whispered as she had snuggled closer to him and he closed his eyes.

He then wanted to clarify.“ So this means your my Girlfriend now right? *dies* NO, DRACO. THIS MEANS YOU'RE HER DOG. I mean thats what I would like that is if you want that, Your amazing Hermione why did we fight so much baby?” She looked at him and nodded and smiled as she kissed his chest. “Sexual frustration and displaced anger due to the before mentioned.” Not at all because you're a prejudiced bigot. She told him matter of factly. He chuckled as he then felt drowsy and succumbed to sleep. Hermione rose and pulled away from him slowly as she did she watched him a moment. She kissed his forehead and then went to the Bathroom. Damn. Must be an important bathroom. What with the capitalization. She turned on the shower to warm the water and then went to in the mirror. She wondered if she would look any different now. ...You don't really look different after your first time... Honestly. She screamed as she looked at the reflection staring back at her. I would too, frankly.

Draco shot up like a bolt and he went to find her . “Whats wrong baby,Are you okay?” He asked her feeling for a moment some rejection. She was in the corner of the shower and sobbing, her hands covered her face and he then knelt next to her. “I'm a freak” YES YOU ARE! 8D She sobbed as she shook a moment.“What are you talking about?” He asked she looked up at him and for a moment he paused. Her brown eyes had changed to a blue and he noticed then her hair had turned jet black. He watched her a moment. “Hermione?” She nodded. “ What happened to my face?” Life happened. She asked as he looked her over.

“Nothing really sweetheart,Though your eyes have changed and your hair is longer darker, You still are the same woman I love, Still the same beautiful woman who stole my heart.” Not reaaallly! *foreshadows* He told her and then she looked at him sharply a moment. “You Love me?” She asked as he lifted her to stand and he looked her over. She was a bit taller now and her breasts were a little bigger, ...The hell? He for a moment just hugged her to him and caressed her hair. She now smelled like Jasmine and exotic spices, Uh. Your smell shouldn't change if your appearance does. He then kissed the top of her head.

“I Love you Draco” She told him as she then looked up at him. “What do you think happened?” I vote that you're secretly a chameleon. And Draco has a beastiality fetish She asked him. He didn't know. He took her hand and kissed it. “I don't know but whatever it is you have me and I'm not going anywhere but my guess is there was a charm on you,For some reason it made you look differently.” He told her. He then walked her back to the bedroom and she immediately went to the closet and looked at her reflection in the full glass mirror and she then looked at Draco. She saw his eyes sweep over her and she blushed slightly. He wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered. “Merlin your so beautiful always thought so but now even more.” He told her as he then turned her and he kissed her.

He watched her as she went through what looked like his closet HERMIONE'S IN THE CLOSET! *shot* and she came out with a long silver buttoned down shirt and she put it on. It fell to her knees and he kissed her ear. Her stomach rumbled then. “How about we go and get something to eat?” He asked her. She nodded as she then pulled out a pair of pajama pants in black. He went through the closet and he found a pair of fresh boxers. “This really is like my room at home I wonder what else is here” He replied as he then smiled when he saw his leather pants and he put those on. He turned to find her watching him, he knew the pants were tight and left very little to the imagination. Ewww... He then grabbed a shirt and put it on as he did a box appeared on her lap. She looked surprised for a moment.

“What is this?” She asked him as he then looked at her surprised as well. He came over and sat next to her as she ran her hand over a crest that wasn't familiar to her etched on the top of the black wooden box. She watched it glow a moment the emblem as if it was alive, it changed and her shoulder glowed. Draco watched this a moment as he then looked at her. A single word appeared on the top of the box.


She tapped her wand on the box and replied. “Retrovendita” She saw the box open and she saw there was parchment inside. She looked at it opening it and she let tears spill out of her eyes. ...Weirdo. She for a moment just stared at the words and then she looked at Draco who sat down and wrapped an arm around her holding her close.

“It's A Birth Certificate” She said as she then saw the name.

Name: Isabel Grace Zabini Hermione's black now?

Birthplace: Verona Italy

8Ibs 12oz 22cm Long

D.O.B.:5/7/1980 07:21 PM

Father: Pietro Zabini

Mother: Alexia(Snape) Zabini Eww... Are you saying Snape is Blaise's uncle? I'm fairly sure he didn't have siblings, as well.

Siblings: Blaise Zabini

Hermione then looked at Draco. “I'm.. I'm A..” He nodded. “Your Blaise's sister” He told her as he then smiled. “Your a pure-blood my love” This shouldn't make a difference in your TWU WUV, Draco. Hermionesmiled and hugged him. Then he made a face.”Merlin he is going to kill me” He replied. She looked at him in question. “Baby?” She asked as he looked at her. “Blaise I mean if this is true then your his sister right? Which means that he is going to murder me for ..well you know unless I do the proper thing, Not that I wouldn't of course I mean I just thought we'd get to know each other first a bit but.. Bloody Hell” He then saw her look at him amused a moment. “Your babbling and it's so cute.” She pointed out.

“Malfoy's do not babble” He then saw her raise an eyebrow at that. He then caressed her face. “Hermione” He began. They were interrupted as there was a loud pop and Blaise Zabini stood there looking at them. Hermione got up and went to hug him. Blaise hugged her back and then he looked at Draco.

“Draco.. What do you think your doing with my twin sister? And you better answer that truthfully because I need to know what are your intentions.” ...Blaise is scaring me. Draco was quiet a moment then he stood up. As he did Hermione realized what was about to happen. “Blaise I Love him,Don't you dare hurt him. It's my life ” She told him pleading with him as she then moved away from him. Blaise looked at Draco. “Do you love her?” He asked as Draco nodded. “With my whole Heart and Soul”

“I would like your Blessing to court your sister Hermione, May I have it please mate?” He asked as Blaise was quiet for a moment. He then smirked. “Draco you don't need my permission but thank you for asking for my blessing. I give it. However you should know your already betrothed to my sister” Draco was shocked as he then looked at Hermione. She looked at Blaise then crossed her arms. Draco was quiet he saw the look on her face and knew to keep his lip buttoned. He then took her hand in his and looked at her with love and her frown turned into a smile. He knelt and he looked at her. *is gagging still*

“I actually would prefer to ask her myself.” Draco told him as Blaise just nodded as Draco then looked at Hermione. “ I Love you Hermione with my whole Heart and Soul and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me and make me the happiest man in the whole universe?' He asked her as then took his wand and he twirled it in the air a moment as he did a band of silver appeared and a ring fell into his hand and he held it. Cheapskate. He knelt and she watched him a moment. Hermione nodded as she then replied. “Yes only because you asked me not because we are arranged as such. When we have our children we will not do that to them, Also I ask one thing before we do this and that is that our children will be allowed to marry for love no matter their blood status.”

Draco nodded as he placed the ring on her finger and kissed her knuckles. He then looked at her as if seeing her for the first time again and his heart swelled with happiness. “Blaise can you explain what has happened here today to us please since it seems you know about this more than Hermione and I do” Hermione hugged him laying her head on his neck and she just relaxed. Draco stood lifting her and they sat on the bed. She shifted so that she could look at Blaise and stay in Draco's embrace. Blaise must feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

Blaise was quiet a moment then he looked at the box on the bed and went over to it. He pulled out a long piece of Parchment and looked at Hermione. “I think this may explain more than I can because we were very young when we were separated however. I do know I have known you were my sister for about three years now and I am sorry I couldn't tell you sooner, But I was sworn to secrecy as well as I honestly wasn't completely sure. You had a protection charm placed on you to change your appearance as well. It seems that it has been taken off due to your.. “ He then just bit his lip. “My loss of my Hymen?” Thanks for making this awkward situation moreso, Hermione. She finished as he nodded. Blaise actually blushed slightly as she then laughed a moment. She looked at Draco who also blushed slightly.

“Hmm Your so cute when you blush Draco” He then laughed as he looked at her. He then kissed her softly. Blaise then chuckled. A REAL person would be gagging and saying "Get a room!"... Blaise then handed her the letter.

To our Dearest and most beloved Daughter Isabel,

If you are reading this then we are deceased and Blaise has contacted you as he has been instructed to. Today is a day of great Joy for we are reunited again. No you aren't... You're dead. We never wanted to give you to muggles but there were circumstances that lead us to that very hard decision. We placed you with a family that was wealthy in the standards of muggle society. . Dentists? Those aren't wealthy... Well... not THAT wealthy. That way when you came of age you will understand what it means to be a pure blood. You mean, act like a spoiled, bigoted little shit?

Your Father and I live for the day to hold you again in our arms daughter. Enclosed is a picture of us both from the day when you and Blaise were born, On this day you will find out so much and we are sorry for leaving you,But you were in danger You see there is this wizard his name is Lord Voldermort. The day you and Blaise were born there was a prophecy, He asked your Father to find the child with the crescent shaped birthmark and destroy her. ...Wtf? Okaaay theeen.

You my love are that child, We loved you and so we gave you to another family to protect and save you. You are protected with a charm to change your appearance as well as to protect you from dark magic. The day when Lord Voldermort is defeated the charm will begin to wear off, It usually takes a few days to do so. We hope that you will have a hand in his defeat. SO LAME!

Enclosed is your Birth Certificate and as you have already guessed by now as you are reading this letter, This box appeared to you. This Box is a magically charmed box to store anything you put into it and only members of the Zabini bloodline are able to open it and access the items within it. Please do not hate us for trying to give you a better life. Please do not hate Blaise because he knows not everything that has happened. Nah. I'd hate him. Just because he's an ass. You were chosen to help defeat the Dark Wizard and we are so proud of you . The Granger's have renamed you Hermione which means bearer of light, It is our hopes that you do live up to that . ...No you don't. You work for VOLDEMORT. God... We know that you will not disappoint us.

One last thing we need to tell you, Your Father and our good friend Lucius Malfoy made an unbreakable vow when you were born, You are betrothed to his son Draco. Draco will hopefully be able to overcome the Malfoy stigmata The one that apparently doesn't exist in this fic? and become a strong independent man in his own rights and beliefs. We, Your Father and I do not share the views that Lucius was raised with, Your Father is an honorable man however and for your sake as well as the Malfoy Heir please take care of each other grow independent and teach him love. If you have any other questions, Ask Cissa, That is Narcissa Malfoy, She is your God Mother she is a childhood friend of mine, She will help you with all you need. I am sorry I cannot be there for this day, I am not ashamed of giving you away when I know it is for your best intrest. My only regret is that I cannot watch you grow into the beautiful and wonderful young woman you will become. She didn't! 8D

Someday you and Draco will perhaps have a child and you will understand. Please take care of each other and take care of Blaise and be strong for each other.

Love,Always and Forever my most beautiful Bella.


Alexia Rose Zabini

Hermione read the letter and she cried softly as she looked at the words. She felt the emotions that went into it and she smelled the faint smell of Jasmine and honeysuckle. She just held the scroll to her chest a moment then she looked up at Blaise and Draco. Blaise's eyes were tearing as she went over and hugged her brother. She then turned to see Draco reach out his arms for her and she smiled as she hugged him. “I Love you” She whispered as she held Draco and then pulled Blaise over for a hug as well the three hugged for a minute. She had woken up this day alone without family and now she was holding two members of her family, Well Draco would become her husband as soon as they married, O RLY? She looked at Blaise as she for a moment wiped tears out of his eyes,

“Blaise come, We were going to the kitchen for a bite but perhaps it would be nicer to go out and celebrate”“Do not go anywhere I'll be right back,Going to change into something a little nicer. And then we can go to dinner and I know the perfect place.” She was excited as she left the room. Blaise looked at Draco. “ You ok Dray Dray? Really, Blaise... I mean honestly this is a lot to take in and she's acting like she doesn't have a care in the world. Your sure you want to marry my sister, Because there is a way out of it if you wish it. She said as she then smiled and kissed Draco.

Draco looked at Blaise. “I Love her and she's going to become my Wife, I don't care if my bastard of a Father approves or not, The bastard of a father who arranged your bethrothal? Idiot... Let him disapprove, I care not for blood line oaths. Even if Hermione wasn't your sister I'd still make her my Wife”

Blaise smiled as he nodded and pat Draco on the back. Thats exactly what I needed to hear you see, I would not let my baby sister marry A man who had a prejudious like that, It would be unethical as well as detrimental to her well being. She was raised by muggles and I know that she will want to do somethings in muggle ways because she is accustomed to them. This house is in a muggle community and I know that it is a muggle home, It's floo network will be easy to establish of course but other than that, This is living in the muggle world.

I just want you to be prepared if she decided to stay here that you would respect that wish. Do you respect that choice and would you allow her to make such decisions.? No, he wouldn't.

We are young and old traditions die hard in us, I however am not adverse to allow my future Wife the luxury of being my partner in all aspects, “

Draco nodded as he then smiled. “ I will it is her home and I like it here already, Besides it is after all up to Hermione if she wants to live at Malfoy Manor or not. She is to be my Wife and my partner. GOD! STOP IT WITH THE "WIFE AND PARTNER" CRAP! That and I have a sweet deal going on doing something called modeling. It's actually a bit of fun. ” He chuckled as he told Blaise and Blaise smiled. “So your walking around getting your picture taken with you in your Boxer shorts and they pay you for that? Muggle girls must be deprived.” He stated.

Hermione laughed. “Nope they just like to see a man in his underwear especially ones that have abs that they can wash off Uh... I'd want a guy with real abs, thanks. of and trust me Draco has that type of bod” Blaise: DO NOT NEED TO KNOW! She then kissed him. “Lets go and Blaise mindful that where we are going is a Muggle establishment, I figured I want to share some of what I learned as a muggle with my family” She then smiled as Blaise nodded.



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Aug. 3rd, 2008 03:19 am (UTC)
Thank you for reading my story.
Thank you for reading mystory and posting it. But to explain, The mermaid story, I was inspired by my daughter because she has the ariel mermaid costume she recieved on her birthday and I thought of mermaids, I was not thinking as a sickly perverted individual and if that was your intention to suggest so then you are wrong with the reasoning though are entitled to your opinions.

I write because i enjoy creating stories.. The stories i write are not for children and are labeled as such. I however am happy to see someone commented whenever it is good or bad because honestly it shows me someone is reading :) Thank you and I mean it not sarcastically at all.

Aug. 23rd, 2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Thank you for reading my story.
I'm not the one who sporked this, but I have to say I really appreciate your comment. Our community doesn't mean to attack writers, just to bring humor out of fanfic. But I really like that you were honestly, truly friendly to us and I hope you were able to laugh along with us, because we really mean no harm (And Winterlarks assures me she doesn't, either). I'm glad you didn't take it to heart.

Despite your stories being here, we really do appreciate your feedback.

Thanks :)
Jan. 30th, 2009 03:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Thank you for reading my story.
Actually you all made some valid points hehe.

Truth was it was my first Fan fic and I was still learning to write better. So no harm done in fact yes your comments made me laugh so hard. I am tempted to write one about Draco and Hermione and him being into character, being a bit rough and such.. hmmm Anyways yeah

You guys are great thanks again!!

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