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Mar. 10th, 2009

Title: Musical Melody
Author: xxxJackalxLoverxxx
Fandom: Watchmen (<33)
Content Rating: T
Characters Raped: Rorschach, Sue, Both Silk Spectres, probably more
Rating: XXX- Deadly
Notes: Nooo! D: Not Watchmen. I should be glad there are only 68 stories but still...

Melody's Diary : Do. Not. Rip. Of. Rorschach.

October 5th, 1978

Nobody understands me anymore. MY LIFE IS A BLACK ABYSS. I SHOULD END IT ALL NOW. To them im just a freak nothing more. Besides that there have been a lot of strange things going on like just yesterday a Man was found dead on the side walk. He had been pushed out of his 10th story window.

End of Diary

I closed my Diary and placed it under my pillow as my mother walked in holding an old coustume that she once used to wear when she was younger and worked as a dominatrix at the strip club down the road.

" Hunny Is her mother Winnie the Pooh? we need to talk" she smiled

I gave a funny look then sat up straight on my bed. My mother sat down next to me and smiled.

" Melody, You remember when i used to tell you stories about when i was a superhero? ...Right. This totally doesn't rip off the Jupiters." she asked all exsited The heck? Exsited? like she was talking to an 8 year old me.

" Mother, im 23 but I act like a spoiled 13 year old i think you've told me millions of times." I smiled

My mother was a cancer passiont I know I'm passionate about cancer ;DD and lived with me so i could take care of her. The doctors say she only has about 5 months left. So why is she walking around all happy dory?

" Well how about taking on the family buisnes?" she smiled

" Mom....your the only one who was ever a superhero in the family." i laughed LOOK HOW SMART SHE IS.

" Well now its your turn." she smiled and handed me the costume. Er... Do you really want to wear something your mother wore over 23 years ago?

" Mom, i have to take care of you, I have no intreast for those other people." I pointed out

" Now now, dont be like that....Im not asking you as a Mother...im asking you as a Dieing Hagg. What an odd hero name. The Dieing Hagg. Sounds German." She laughed

" Thats not funny. Comedian: I beg to differ!" i fround Fround? Seriously?

" What happened to you? You used to be all happy everyday and now....your a total fricking emo child Mary-Sue not." she said

" I dont know....even if i did join the 'family buisness' who would help me? BATMAN DOESN'T NEED HELP." i asked

" Well , an old friend of mine has a daughter named Laurie , Im sure you would become good friends with her. Stay away from Laurie. Or else." mother smiled

" I REALLY dont know...." i tryed *brain explodes* to convincer *and continues to explode* her to leave me alone about it.

" Well the thing is ...you have to because Laurie and her mother,Sally Juspeczyk JUPITER. SHE CHANGED HER NAME TO JUPITER. FAIL. are in the Living room waiting for you to hurry up." She laughed then coughed

" MOM !" i yelled

" NOw, now, get in that costume and meet me down stares. We'll have a contest to see who can last longest without blinking." she smiled

" Can i at least chose my own costume?" I whined

" OK OK WHAT EVER IT TAKES JUST HURRY UP." She smiled and walked out. Screaming + Smiling= No. Just no.

" God she gets on my nervs  That's nice to say about your dying mother." i said to my self and looked through my closet.

I came across an old costume i wore for halloween 6 years ago....and the funny part is it still fit like a glove. You were 17 six years ago. No. It does not still fit like a glove. It was a short black punk skirt with wicked green fabric underneath and the top was like a corset only it didnt hurt when you put it on. It lased up in the back with the same color green as the fabric for the skirt. I quickly changed and brushed my long black hair and put on a pair of black converse ( it looks really good). Lamest. Costume. Ever. Why so emo? And she's probably going to be paired with Rorschach. ;-; With that i walked down stares and saw my mother smoking a cigarette.

" Mother what did i tell you about smoking ?" i glared

" to not to ." she puppy faced me. Stop. Stealing. From. The. Jupiters!

"Put it out." i said

" Hun, im already dieing might as well smoke 2 , maybe ill shorten the sintance." I'm going to kill myself. This grammar and the spelling is horrible! she laughed and took a nother drag.

I roled my eyes and walked on down and over to my mother.

" Laurie, this is my daughter Hope but everyone in the family calls her Melody. Wtf? How do you connect Hope and Melody!?" my mother said

" Nice to meet you." she smiled and shook my hand.

" Yeah you too." I replyed smiling.

" So your taking on in your mothers shoes? Buh!?" she asked

" yea i guess i am." replyed playfuly glaring at my mother.

" Great so whats your hero name? I'm guessing it'll be her mother's, since they're stealing everything from the Jupiters." she asked

I simply sruged and smiled

" Ok we'll work on that later i supose....well i guess i should take you to meet everyone ealse." she laughed and we walked off.

" Our daughters are gonna do great things in life ." Sally smiled Like driving poor readers insane. And getting killed by Rorschach.