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Mar. 10th, 2009

Title: Musical Melody
Author: xxxJackalxLoverxxx
Fandom: Watchmen (<33)
Content Rating: T
Characters Raped: Rorschach, Sue, Both Silk Spectres, probably more
Rating: XXX- Deadly
Notes: Nooo! D: Not Watchmen. I should be glad there are only 68 stories but still...

Title: Love and Sex and the Whole Damn Thing (a Draco Malfoy story) Oh joy~
Author: damez
Fandom: Harry Potter
Content Rating: PG-14
Characters Raped: Draco, Hermione, OC, Pomfrey, probably every other character
Rating: XXX- Deadly
Notes: There are about 54 chapters of this tripe and I didn't particularly feel like working my way through them all. Feel free to go through them all yourselves though.

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Jul. 18th, 2008

Title: Lien Kitsune
Author: Silver Kitsune No Tenchi *gags at the sheer weeaboo-ness*
Fandom: Monsters Inc. *shudders*
Content Rating: PG
Characters Raped: Mike, Sulley, Randall, and a Mary-Sue
Rating: XXX- Deadly (Seriously. It's MONSTERS INC. And the Suethor points out at one part that it was originally NC-17 :x)
Notes: Chapter three of this fic is completely the author ranting about how she's allowed to use token Japanese phrases and crap because she's part Japanese. I THINK NOT. Ugh...

Jul. 18th, 2008

Title: Mean Girl or Misunderstood?
Author: Sweeneys 1 and only (Umm...)
Fandom: Hairspray
Content Rating: T
Characters Raped: Amber
Rating: D (Dreadful)
Notes: Poor me, poor me, poor me. I could vomit. The entire thing is trying to make you feel sorry for Amber, when her life isn't even that bad even in the fanfic. It's just a "Pity Me!" fest, which makes you want to choke Amber. Also, two chapters in one since they're fairly short considering.

May. 31st, 2008

Title: Changes In The Wind
Author: Alexaviera.J.Raven
Fandom: Harry Potter
Content Rating: NC-17 (For teh nookie)
Characters Raped: Hermione, Draco
Rating: XXX- Deadly
Notes: This woman has TWO CHILDREN. One of which she uses as inspiration for a fic where Hermione is  a "were-maid" and goes skinny dipping for Draco... Well, I'm scared. Oh, and Hermione is semi-friends with Paris Hilton in this fic. Wtf?


May. 15th, 2008

Yes, this is the third fic by this particular author but this one is just TOO good to give up.

Title: Hermione's Baby (Oh shit...)
Author: SevSnape123
Fandom: Harry Potter
Content Rating: PG-14 (Proceed with caution!)
Characters Raped: Hermione, Draco... Okay, everyone and their mother.
Rating: XXX- Deadly (With major later on)

Title: Draco and Leah Malfoy both adopted by the Weasleys (Wonderful title, eh?)
Author: SevSnape123
Fandom: Harry Potter (and later random Rent characters show up at Hogwarts. No, I'm not kidding.)
Content Rating: T
Characters Raped: Draco/Lucius/All the Rent cast + random Mary-Sue, possibly more later on
Rating: D (Dreadful)
Notes: Awful writing abounds! Draco apparently has a much older sister named Leah, and they are both physically abused by Lucius (although rape is talked about later on). The ENTIRE Rent cast shows up as Leah's friends, with no rhyme or reason as to why, or maybe they're just people with their names, I don't know. Oh, and NONE of this is canon at all. I doubt the person has even read the Potter books. Two chapters in one, again!

May. 15th, 2008

Title: Marriage laws
Author: MarauderNextGen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Content Rating: PG-14 (The story is rated M for later scenes)
Characters Raped: Hermione/Lucius/Malfoy/Harry/Snape (ETC ETC)
Rating: - Pedoriffic
Notes: This is some SCARY SHIT. Seriously. Lucius and Hermione's relationship is creeptastic. Snape gets PEDORIFFIC later on... D:

So, I think now would be the time to lay down a bit of groundwork for OhGodWhyTheCanon. :D

~If the selection you're using in your sporking is possibly offensive or inappropriate, put a "NSFW" warning in the cut.
~Always italicize the selection and use a unique color for your personal comments
~Anyone using potentially offensive language will be warned twice and only twice

Sporking Guide:
Title: (Insert title of fic here and hyperlink to the story)
Author: (Insert author's penname/username here and hyperlink to their info page)
Fandom: (Self-explanitory)
Content Rating: (Insert a rating of the sporking, not the fic, here. E.G. T-teen, G-general, R-restricted)
Characters Raped: (Insert the characters that were OOC and horribly messed up here)
Rating: (Ratings explained below)


XXX- Deadly (If the fic is just utterly disturbing)
D- Dreadful (If the fic is painful to read)
S- Scary (If the fic isn't painful to read but certainly scares you)
P- Poor (If the fic isn't too bad but the characters are very OOC)

T- Troll (If the fic is obviously a troll or a Sue-spoof)
- Pedoriffic (If it's one of those fics that puts together horribly old people and teens/children and just creeps you the hell out)  (LINK FOR THE SMILEY: http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c67/GoddessOfTheHorse/pedoriffic.png )

Title: Better to Have Loved
Author: thexramonesxownxmyxsoul12 (I'm going to be seeing 'X's in my sleep.)
Fandom: RENT (Or so says the author)
Content Rating: T
Characters Raped: Collins and a girl who is apparently Angel, but this is not the Angel I know.
Rating: XXX (Deadly)
Notes: This is just... dghjkl. What. Apparently a girl who Collins meets is Angel, and Angel can do magic...and it's set in high school. Honestly, what the HELL were they thinking? Possibly the worst Rent fanfic I've EVER read. ALSO: Special "Treat", two chapters in one.